Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soul Integration- Excerpted from the Template by J. Carter

 Soul Integration 

Re-learning our origins is to reflect the resurrected genetic code as it exists in every cell of your body.  It is the blueprint that lies at the heart of the Human Masterpiece.
Our Soul integration is not for the privileged individual, it is a global agenda. It is not a way out but a way forward. It is not a means through which we leave the body to ascend to another realm. The bodies we have now are the matrix upon which we will resurrect the ‘light body’, the transcendental Human.

The erroneous definition of god source instigated by archetypal inserts parading as deified entities is the most fundamental and powerful manipulation of consciousness in the history of the human race. It is through these religious structures that our most empowering connection has been short circuited our direct communion with our own source creation. This has been made possible by the disconnection of circuits of electromagnetic source intelligence that would otherwise draw us into the cosmic embrace.

Through the reconnection of these circuits our innate knowledge of source will unfold through the progressive revelation of our own individual omniscience. As a race we have reached a point at which we can awaken to the magnitude of the truth of our origins and the predicament in which we find ourselves. 

To let go of the fear, shame and guilt based philosophies that have been imposed upon our definition of ourselves and the source God of our creation.

Even within the New Age spiritual movement we have brought the residual consequences of the religious indoctrination that has predominated our history and continues to riddle our fear-based consensus field of reference on which our most primal decision-making processes rely.

Seeing the erroneous structures of our present day orthodox religions and our guilty resonance with the devastation perpetrated by the Western World, we turn to ethnocentric models, not realizing that there is not one corner of this reality that is free from the manipulation of consciousness. Were you to investigate a primal tribe deep in the jungles of the untouched world you would find its social and spiritual structures dominated by the fear and guilt-based patriarchal ideology.  The fear based dualistic frequency field of the present paradigm continues to find a new resonance biochemically within the neurotransmitters in the human brain and the mutant state of the endocrine system that supports their manufacture.

We are on the brink of a transitional phase of awakening. In order to overcome the narcotic-like denial state which has led to our pathological obedience, we must look to our biochemical signals that send emotion based response patterns of our subconscious cooperation with the mortal consensus.  We cannot be sentimental about the behavior modifying archetypes that have been cast in the soap opera of our false history, nor can we leave behind those prescribed and regurgitated philosophies only to adopt another.

Spiritually, it is time to mature into an autonomous relationship with the benevolence of our creation without the censorship of religious mediation. 
Concepts instigated by the loudest voice that could carry down the corridors of time, spoken by predominant alpha males and celibate priests.   

These self propagating philosophies have been structured to obstruct human passions and natural impulses, shame and guilt programs that manipulate and control our behavior and insure our cooperation with the patriarch dominant paradigm.

The paradigm continues to persist as various forms of thinly veiled male-dominated hierarchical structures. In the third phase of the template model actualization, the fourth and fifth ceremonies are concerned with circuitry reconnection into the deepest strata of the human infrastructure. In this phase the integration and synthesis of the twelve circuits of original innocence, the activation and integration of the thirteenth circuit, and the seven circuits within the pranic mechanism begin to crystallize to form a quintessential identity platform in which to withstand the magnitude the body of omniscience knowledge inherent within the original soul covenant, that is the human matrix.   


The Human Blueprint

These source circuits connect into the heart of the electromagnetic holography that is the foundation of the human blueprint. Earth’s Rising Base Frequency
Earth’s background base frequency, or “heartbeat,” (called Schumann resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Formerly 7.8 cycles per second it is now at 3.5 kHz per second and we and everything thing on the earth is resonating at this new frequency now.

 It is no secret that over 90% of our genetic material is non-functioning. It has become common knowledge that out of the 3,000 billion base pair chemicals that make up this code, only 60 million are active.

Contemporary physicists have discovered that this dormant genetic material is not ‘junk DNA’, as put forward by orthodox science, but is in fact a living data storage system, a library of Human potential which, when unlocked and resurrected, will put an end to suffering, disease, conflict and death itself - rendering the Human a fully realized, conscious entity able to access any time or energy level in the universe.
It is through the creation mandate, made manifest as a human entity, that the benevolent source of creation reveals itself as the eye that sees, the ear that hears, the hands that touch and the heart that feels. This mandate made manifest is a sacred template of the original human blueprint. This time on Earth, only a fractal of the true human potential is represented in the human race. In the entire manifestation of the original blueprint, the human is capable of experiencing any time or energy level in the universe. 

This transcendent human governs itself autonomously and functions in complete harmony with all forms of life and in total symbiotic resonance with the evolutionary light code of its solar system, responding in full conscious communion, with even the softest of whispers carried on the solar winds, and with every photonic nuance held in a ray of light. The original human was created as an ambassador of source, to represent within the grace and beauty of its physical form, the compassion ability within its emotional range and its omniscient knowledge of its genius mind, the fractal image of its creator.

Light and the Pineal
An understanding of the role and function of the pineal will greatly clarify the nature of the connection between circuitry, the endocrine system and the resurrection of the original Human design prior to its genetic modification. The pineal gland is responsible for the absorption, translation and distribution of light as information.

The Soul Covenant

This potency still exists within the soul covenant, holographically present within every DNA and the memory matrix held in the cerebral cortex that is the temple of remembrance. In this way the human body is the sacred chalice of the source made manifest. You are your body; your body is the physical matrix of your divine intelligence. As that omniscient awareness expands through the download of natural divine knowledge via the electromagnetic delivery system of circuitry, your physical matrix alters accordingly. With the acceleration of source intelligence infiltrating the heart-body-mind system the computational capabilities upgrade exponentially to accommodate more and more circuitry, more and more source-intelligence in a spiral of ever expanding conscious evolution.

This electromagnetic data feed, introduced via circuitry originates from the core fractal of the universal mechanism of holography and is distilled within the personal unified field of human computational awareness. Not to create a new field of reference but to resurrect a new force from the original matrix of source awareness that energetically births this and all forms of conscious life into being.  When reintroduced into the human energy field, its very existence as a creative force, is more than enough to dismantle the present fallacious structures entrenched within the human psyche.


The vibrational frequency of shame and guilt and the deep sense of spiritual betrayal and abandonment instigated by the false definitions of source god that exists within all religious indoctrination, creates its own body chemistry. The subjugation of the spirit experienced as a result of the separation from creation, creates a collection of bio-signaling components that together create the death hormone.

One of the definitions found in any traditional English dictionary for religious is “god fearing”. Religious archetypes instill primal reference points that do not only dictate our mental belief systems and our emotional response patterns they also determine the ratio of neuro-chemical transmitters that set in motion the bio-informational signals that trigger the deterioration of the endocrine system and the superstructure it supports. The impact of our disconnection from the holographic continuum via our disruption of our source circuits manifests as a paranoid self-revulsion. On a larger scale, on the neurosis that forms that blames itself for parental betrayal and abandonment whether it be emotion, physical or mental.

This predicament creates its own chemistry, a chemistry that literally responds to what we feel and think about ourselves, our world and the source of our creation. It’s a chemistry that biologically entrains humanity to accept, without reservation, their brief mortal span of life, believing this to be the natural state.  In the genesis of our spiritual belief systems the definition of source and the archetypal galvanization of that definition is the corner stone of our enslavement to the dualistic paradigm and its mortal confinement. Physical death is the loss of the creation pulse emanating from the heart of the cosmos. This pulse is on a path of dissolution with every breath taken as our communion with source is not reciprocal due to disconnection with source circuitry. 

Simple re-entry into the system via connection will initiate a new direction towards the never ending spiral of conscious evolution that is our true inheritance.

The Planetary Intruder, the Stolen Race and the Portal of 2012.

When next you find yourself staring at the night, consider the Meso-American world of ancient shaman astrologers. Those visionary calendar priests with their feet firmly planted on an Earth free of chemical pollution, gazing into a night sky free from the hindrance of air traffic and city lights. Their appreciation for the relevance, the empirical language of transformation in the grand crosses and alignments that danced across their night skies, drove them to transcend their personal needs and fears--to leave behind all that was safe and leap empty-handed into the abyss of the unknown. To journey to the center of the galaxy to retrieve the mysteries of time, that would explain the implicit order of the cosmos for the benefit not only of their own communities but for the human race far into the future.

Without the gift of their knowledge passed down from the integrity of their ancestral lineage and artifacts translated by the shaman anthropologists of today, would be consciously aware of the portal of opportunity that is even now dilating in readiness of the rebirth that culminates at the end of their calendars.

As we look back in awe, so they looked forward to this, our time. For we live now in the time of prophecy. Not a fear and guilt-driven biblical prophecy of atonement and salvation or an ambiguous new age prophecy of deliverance from the dark forces but a prophecy written in the empirical language of the stars and planets that speak of a coming synchronization point that would open the portals of time--a prophecy not of the end but of a beginning.

This transformative era of conscious human evolution is drawing to a natural point of culmination, a phase that takes place at the closing of a cycle and can’t be perceived as degenerative but simply the darkness of the moon that births the new.  These cycles are momentous waves of potential that begin and end to instigate new movement in time and thus growth. To harness this transformative energy we must look beyond the trappings of our everyday lives, we must look to our Sun, to our solar system.

Those ancient skywatchers understood for the very first rising of the solstice Sun, that radiating from the galactic center was the supreme organizing principle of creation. This living mandate is translated to the evolutionary symbiosis that is shared by all conscious entities within the heliocentric embrace of our Suns influence.

Every breath, every thought, every day is infused with presidium of all encompassing radiant intelligence, from this our paternal archetype imprinted on our DNA with every ray of light, a stream of source consciousness from the benevolent heart of creation. A message of light intelligence transmitted from the geomagnetic prism of its sentient body.

Those shaman astrologers understood that the challenge for humanity was not merely to survive this time and transformation, but to birth through the individual and collective bio-circuitry, its potential into a manifest ecology, a new model of existence, a new paradigm.  Those skywatchers ached to be incarnate in these days of culmination, poised for the ultimate human challenge of total transformation of not only ourselves but our world, our solar system—to be incarnate in such a time. 

Did they know how hard it would be?
How much courage it would take to awaken from the narcotic density of frequency that is being laid over our world—a convincing illusion that renders us pathologically obedient to its insane political, religious and social structures

They may not have known the sophistication of conscious manipulation has evolved through time in this dimension, but they did know we will succeed. Their shamans saw the future rise "phoenix like" as the solstice Sun of 2012, with the grand celestial procession of planets and stars lining up with the center of the galaxy to obliterate the illusions of duality in one true moment of time and space.

To recalibrate with the conscious cooperation of human cosmic comprehension, a new measure of existence.
In the light of this prophecy are we to betray our ancestors by concerning ourselves we shallow dreams of happiness, to the hallmark version of the bells and smells of spirituality that serves as a harbor for false calm in a sea of our present global insanity?  

Are we to passively accept the false time, space frequency that governs our deepest bio-informational programs, convincing us of a mortally defined parameter in which to organize our short existence?

There are countless programs instilled into the mass conscious of humanity through its archetypal belief systems and through its manipulation of a false history and an erroneous definition of God source. However the entire human memory of the human genesis is intact and exists in its entirety within the cerebral cortex -- the temple of remembrance.  Truly we cannot be lied to for we are the truth.

Soul Symbiosis

As the discoveries of the new science, the higher physics of creation, allows us to embrace our fractal identities within the hyper-holographic nature of all creation, we begin to see the intrinsic importance of nuance of celestial influence within our solar system. To appreciate on a deeper level the symbiotic resonance that defines us as individualized aspects of one unified body of divine consciousness. 

The present perversion and retardation of humanities spiritual evolution that we witness as wars, genocide and endless human suffering could not be stabilized if the true holographic symbiosis of the original solar system were in place, however; it is not in place. Neither could this travesty continue were we circling our Sun dictated by the requirements of the evolutionary mandate encoded in the human soul matrix and the supreme organizing principle transmitted by galactic center. But we are not in this original orbit of our Sun. 

Just as our brain chemistry can be re-arranged by a substance outside of its original neuro-chemcial composition an addition that disturbs the existing brain chemistry leading to an altered brainwave frequency that finds resonance with an altered reality called a “hallucination”. The introduction of a foreign celestial presence into the planetary ratio of our solar system will have the same effect on a gargantuan scale. This planetary intruder into our solar system exists and we call it our Moon.

During the many excavations to the moon, scientists found its orbit in tidal evolution incomprehensible, the strange high elemental content of the surface rocks made it clear that it was not a part of Earth. This satellite, that only shows us one face, does indeed have a dark side. The Moons orbit lies so close to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun in order to overshadow its influence thus to disturb the informational transmission of solar light and our ability to translate and utilize it.   

The Dark Side of the Moon

So large and so massive is its body in relation to the planet it circles, the scientist Issac Asimov commented, “By all cosmic laws she should not be circling the Earth.”  Among the scientific community there is no consensus regarding the origins of the Moon. The collapse of the theory that the moon was a part of the Earth led to the growing popularity of what became known as the “Capture Theory”.  However, this hypothesis has been refuted by the orbit of the Moon had the Moon approached the Earth at just the right angle and speed to be caught gravitationally and hooked into orbit in a permanent satellite union, is virtually impossible. Particularly that its orbit is circular rather than the elongated elliptical orbit that would have been created by a gravitational capture.

Two senior scientists at the Soviet Academy of Sciences proposed an alternate theory which was published in Sputnik Magazine. They said, “The Moon is not a natural satellite of Earth but a huge hollowed out planetoid fashioned by some highly advanced, technologically sophisticated civilization into an artificial inside out world, which was stirred into orbit around Earth eons ago.”
They go on to say:
 “Abandoning the traditional paths of common sense we have plunged into what at first may appear to be unbridled and irresponsible fantasy but the more minutely we go into all the information gathered by man about the Moon, the more we are convinced that there is not a single fact to rule out our supposition. Not only that, but many things so far considered to be lunar enigmas are explained in the light of this new hypothesis.”   
There was a capture, however; the planet captured was Earth. Earth was from that time, placed under a governing magnetic field that dominated every natural function of every life form within its ecosystem, arrogantly re-arranging the dynamics of our relationship with light itself.  The cold corpse of this Moon steals the light of the Sun to invade the sanctuary night with a neon glare that disturbs the pineal glands ability to create the brain chemistry that would allow for the natural alpha states of meditation allowing us to enter into celestial communion.

Intellectually we may think that this knowledge of the Moon is difficult, if not impossible, to accept, however; your emotional and physical body may find their own resonance with this information. And you may find yourself experiencing a deep relief as the primal resonance within the cerebral cortex stirs within the temple of your remembrance.

The alien race that stirred this planetoid satellite into our orbit is the Annunaki race referred to in the Sumerian texts. Those spoken of as the sky gods that came down from the Moon. Contrary to a theory that this was done to assist our inhabitants, this race understood that to capture and control the inhabitants of Earth, a large scale, all encompassing system would be required, as system on a planetary scale. This race was also highly skilled in the area of genetic modification. The intervention theory of genesis that has surfaced from some of the reports on the translation of the Sumerian texts in relation to this race, would have us believe that they came to our planet to improve and advance our civilization, that indeed they achieved this by splicing our inferior genes with their own. One report by an eminent anthropologist would have us believe that the original entity found by the Annunaki was a hairy ape-like beast. This is very far from the truth.

Our Inheritance

It will be our discovery of the true nature of our genetic ancestry and our celestial solar seeding that will rebirth the solar encoded race that we were originally created to be, the original innocence of our root race to position the love frequency as the central cohesive power of our culture. In this sense we were and still are a more advanced race than our technologically skilled captors. 

Our complete resonance with the frequency of creation allowed us an organic technology but manifested in living structures of light and good intent. Home was not built for shelter or separation from the environment but molecularly intelligent structures that complimented the environment and rejuvenated body, mind and spirit. For in that time space zone we inhabited nothing that owed its existence to the subjugation of the male and female potencies of creation could maintain its molecule structure unlike the patriarch dominated cement empires installed by our captures.

There was no farming, no agriculture; no raising of entities to await the day of their slaughter and consumption-- for our race was pranayamic. There’s no question of survival as we played within the unified field and rode upon the waves of ascending currents that ebbed and flowed with the rising and setting of the Sun. We did not know need.

Our very existence and our technology were based upon our ability to translate light and thus maintain the integrity of our primordial soul resonance with our Sun’s consciousness and thus with the supreme organizing principle of the galactic core transmissions for which this star is the prime mediator. This intelligence flow from Hu Nab Ku, from galactic center originates from the heart of cosmic hyper hologram, from the benevolent heart of creation. Thus our communion with the Sun was our connection with the source. Through this sacred umbilical chord of consciousness with embodied through the grace and beauty of our physical form compassionate ability of our emotional range and the omniscient knowledge of a genius mind, a fractal image of our creator.

The present mortal paradigm experienced by humanity at this time, in this dimension, is in most part due to our deficient morphic resonance with the solar system and our inability to translate light. The transmission of light information emanating from our Sun, spells out the immortal mandate. In the natural state of our original creation we experience a primordial soul resonance with the Suns consciousness. We are a solar race locked in a lunar reality.

At this time, planet Earth, is trapped in a frequency band of extreme oscillation of magnetic influence that is disturbing the natural solar equilibrium, the subconscious matrix of archetypal reference and our inability to absorb the full spectrum of the source intelligence transmitted by the Sun. The Sun, to our psyche, represents the most comprehensive nomadic configuration that triggers the geometric soul covenant and imbues our physical matrix with the immortal frequency.

This lack of solar resonance is being stabilized by our planetoids satellite Moon. This synthetic influence is triggering a chemical imbalance in the human brain creating a narcotic dream state in which we are experiencing a continual dis-empowerment as we play out our fear, shame and guilt scenarios. As the Moon’s magnetic field overshadows the immortal harmonic of the Suns transmission the disturbance within the translation of light manifests as a chemical imbalance. In females the creates a hyper menstrual condition that weakens her libido and creative power, a condition that upholds the patriarchal journey in this dimension.

Due to the mutant space-time continuum of the present frequency zone, humanity is tied into a cycle of degeneration with the passing of each year as the Earth circles the Sun. The Sun, the giver of life, instead counts off these increments of time that define our journey towards the grave. In this way the Sun has become the hourglass of death. The collective challenge that is now upon us is to greet the coming portal of transformational opportunity in a state of hyper sensitivity to the creation mandate of light.

Our ability to comprehend within our psyche the primary seed of creation at the moment of Earth’s solar system, as the Sun will be redefined. The Sun will be reinstated as the mediator of prime intelligence between ourselves and galactic consciousness.  The collective synchronicity to  achieve this human responsibility will be experienced by a reconnection with bio-circuitry that renders the human electromagnetic field resonant with the quantum electrodynamic transmission emanating from our Sun, our galaxy and ultimately from the benevolent heart of creation. 

Activation of the Human Body

This resonance is held within the original genetic blueprint embedded in the human matrix. The resurrection of this genetic material will be more than enough to re-order the cosmic design of our symbiotic relationship with our solar system. This challenging responsibility is intrinsically and phenomenally addressed in the temple of time ceremony. In the temple of time ceremony, seven circuits relating to the six planets, Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and our Sun’s star are reconnected. With the reconnection of these circuits the electromagnetic data flow of each celestial body is reinstated as an energetic coordinate within the incarnate human presence. 

The living archetype of that celestial body that exists beyond erroneous historical data and lunar influence becomes a true astrological imprint within our human psyche and our perception of space – time. A perception that will not only be intellectually understood but tangibly transmitted through our upgraded electromagnetic presence, as we become the map and the calendar. 

As the data flow of the entire solar system is reinstated as an energetic conscious coordinate within our incarnate body presence, the frequency of creation breaks the barriers set in place by the lunar influence. Each of us awakens as an omniscient cognizant entity not only aware of our symbiosis of earthly, solar and galactic holography but also as a portal of time and space in which the benevolence of creation may lay upon us as instruments of light and love. 

As we upgrade our cosmic comprehension through reconnection of vital bio-circuits the collective and unified field of our altered electromagnetic field transmissions, will send out a signal—a call to cosmic order. In the actualization phase of the template model the five source circuits of the source ceremony and the seven circuits of solar symbiosis in the temple of time ceremony are concerned with the re-introduction of source intelligence that will re-implicate the human energy field in to the governing mechanism of the benevolence of creation and allow the pure unspoken language of light intelligence to open to you within you, activating the light body matrix that is the holonomic library, the living proof of your quintessential identity existing beyond the reach of any form of influence or manipulation.

It is not enough to be informed of the false teachings of our history and ancestry. In order to override the deep indoctrination of this erroneous programming we must build tangibly within the body an energetic circuit board that will contain the synthesis of the electromagnetic data flow of the omniscient knowledge that defines the true transcendental human.

This reconnection to the solar system draws the heart, mind, body, soul into deep Earth consciousness as we remember Earth as heaven. As fractals of a holonomic symbiosis that governs conscious evolution in this corner of the galaxy our destiny and the future of our mother planet is choreographed by the heliocentric embrace of our Suns geometric light pulsations, we are a solar race. 

To unify with the Earth forces with must regain the original orbit of our Sun and reinstate the true ratio of celestial influence coded into the precataclysmic cosmogenesis of the solar system. The Sun and its light intelligence is the emissary of the benevolence of creation. We will enjoy the true meaning of source God through our ability to download and translate the light information within the Olympic crucible of incarnate body presence. Through the consensus transmission of the divine awareness we will awaken through resonance our planet Earth’s memory of her true dimensional nature held within her crystalline heart.
 For this is what it means to be human—we and the Earth are One.

Planetary Alignment 2012

The planetary of alignment of 2012 is the portal which the core density of the galactic photon wave will pass through our neighborhood searching for world bridgers, fully reconnected units of biocircuitry, able to receive and transmit light. The magnetic cooperation of this planetary alignment is an opportunity to override the cosmic disorder within our solar system that is destabilizing the spatial timing frequency of Earth’s present dualistic dimension. 

Human conscious cooperation is essential for this re-ordering to occur. As humans it is our prime responsibility to resurrect our ability to function as complete units of bio-circuitry capable of translating the creation mandate of light information and embodying the true cosmic order by reconnecting circuitry. Thus we express our soul’s covenant through our physical beings becoming the template of light and love and life eternal.

We must awaken to the totality of the human predicament and the truth of what is now manifesting in our world. Our destiny and the future of our mother planet depend upon it.

Those on Earth now are the survivors of the soul system; each planet of the soul system is represented in the human race. There will come a time when we will no longer war against each other but live in peaceful cooperative harmony as one solar community, unified through that which binds us all, together the light of our Sun.

We are not dust to dust. We are light returning to light.

In our present mutant state there is no reference point within our psyche for the infinite. As we stare into the starry night we try to imagine eternity, our pulse quickens we reach for a part of ourselves that might understand our holographic identity, the starlight evoking a distant memory of a world beyond the walls of our homes, the streets of our cities, the pain of being human. In the starry heavens we feel the possibility of deliverance from the brutality, the suffering–in the celestial cathedral night a fragment of ourselves is awash in the reservoir of pleasure and casual desire is free. 

We must now breathe ourselves into this starry identity. Spinning the wheels of light through our circuits that connect us to the stars, the planets, the rainbow spheres of light that are everywhere are wings are held within the lightship that is the Merkabah that surrounds us. 

As this chariot of light is resurrected, the starry orchestra of night is no longer interpreted through historically gathered data as ambiguous astrological propensities. The night no longer holds a little death of sleep as instead we sink through the fiery gates of the setting Sun to enter indigo heavens in alpha states of deep meditational communion. 

No longer looking up to the starswe play among them.

The human soul covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the human design in the sensory organ for planetary ascension. As Earth is the sensory organ for human ascension. As this code is reactivated and integrated through the acceleration of electromagnetic input via circuitry reconnection the human becomes light sensitive.  

 Able to join in the galactic conversation as every celestial nuance within the occipital receptors at the head of the spinal column, every stellar transmission embraced as the planets and stars shift in perceptions and realign their relationship of the galactic core. Concentric spheres of cosmic comprehension ripple through the heavens registering in the shifting sands upon the shores of human consciousness.

The awakening has begun and it all begins with you.

The map of the evolution of the Human entity is indelibly written into our genetic codes. Our ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of circuitry.

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence. It links alchemical Ceremony with brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA, the archetypal arena and the morphogenetic field to reveal the holonomic system of creation which births and binds the Human hologram.

The Template ceremony codes are an intelligent patterning of information that acts as an alchemical catalyst to activate dormant Human potential. They initiate a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm: a journey of liberation and empowerment, to retrieve the knowledge of our true history, our soul’s lineage, and our celestial seeding.

The Template Ceremonies

As you embark upon the first Foundation Ceremony, you are entering upon a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm. To choose this path is to embrace the Human as a magnificent masterpiece of immortal design, capable of transcending the limitations of duality and able to access any time or energy level in the universe.

The Template Ceremonies extend to the far horizons of Humanity’s divine potential, the potential that lies within the Soul Covenant. This journey is one of liberation and empowerment that takes us into the ancient history of Humanity’s true origins, there to retrieve our soul’s lineage and our celestial seeding: a history that defies the notions of original sin, guilt and shame.

The Template of Transcendence tunes you into the programming within yourself that has resulted in co-dependent and conditional relationships, bringing you out of denial and accelerating your path towards co-creative unconditional love.

In this age of mass communication, our deepest fears are mirrored and continually projected into our daily lives by extensive media feedback, fed through the Human psyche via literature, films and round-the-clock news, infiltrating our dream states and reinforcing demonic archetypal reference points within the morphogenetic field. Thus the consensus fabric of fear-based reality is woven by our very thought processes. Our pathological compliance within this reality can be tracked back to the modification of our genetic coding, the disturbance of our morphic resonance with the solar system and our resultant inability to translate the full spectrum of light.

The rectification of this Human and global predicament cannot be achieved by direct action. You cannot affect the fountain of life by disturbing its waters; you must adjust the fountainhead from which it springs. To fight for freedom is to embody the struggle.
“The problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” --Albert Einstein

To psychoanalyze our problems is to utilize a solution that exists at the level of the problem. Nothing less than the resurrection of the original Human genetic code will break the consensus spell of our dualistic perception.

Ceremony is the solution that exists outside of the problem.
Sacred Ceremony

Ceremonies are codes. They are an alchemical patterning of holistic intelligence that invoke, through resonance, new patterns of response within the cerebral cortex, creating powerful brain chemistry that unfetters the intellect from its dogmatic space-time parameters, opening a gateway into a limitless continuum.

Ceremony is an alchemical combination of physical, psychological, and instinctual responses that impress, in a balanced way, our holistic nature. When used in healing, ceremony honors all of us, reaching deeper than psychological analysis. Unless we are impressed on this deepest level, the realization of our perfection is only temporary and, in time, we revert to the dis-ease of our conditioning.

Ceremonies invoke new patterns of response that break down the walls of our isolation and loneliness. They are a proclamation of unity, harmony and cooperation and return us to the knowledge that we are not only independent entities – we are also holographic focal points in the unified field.
The Template Ceremonies

The Template provides a whole system through which the resurrection of the original Human blueprint is achieved via the reconnection of bio-circuitry through coded ceremony. Each ceremony reconnects a series of circuits within the Human bio-computer, creating a layer of reinstated electromagnetic integrity that, in turn, interacts with the series of circuits reconnected in all other ceremonies.

The Template is an impeccable system, holonomically resonant with each individual’s point of soul evolution and organically regulated by their capacity for change.

The Template reconnection is presented in a sequence of six ceremonies:

1.Original Innocence
2.The 13th Circuit
3.Sacred Breath
5.The Temple of Time

The structure and function of the Ceremonies is safe, easy and joyful, and the workshops in which they are experienced are presented in a way that offers comprehension for all levels of understanding, all cultures and ages. The Ceremonies can be done by surrogate for young children by their parents. Ceremonies must be done in order but not necessarily all at once.
During the Template Ceremony workshops
there is a presentation and discussion covering:

* The origin of the Template ceremonies;
* The specific function of the ceremony which will take place;
* The events that have led to the disconnection of the various circuits;
* The new consciousness grid created by the acceleration of electromagnetic input to the bio-circuitry;
* A demonstration of the disconnected circuits under discussion;
* A spoken ceremony supported and activated by the physical presence of advanced geometric forms;
* A demonstration to each participant of their reconnected circuits after the ceremony.

At the end of the discussion it is up to you to decide if you are ready... the power belongs to you.